If you have a little balcony, you should consider growing a small fruit tree on your patio. Regardless if it’s a single pear tree or an apple tree bordering a terrace, small fruit trees bring a structure and an excellent feel of maturity to a patio or balcony.

How to Pick a Fruit Tree

Fruit trees are okay in pots as long as they are planted in a rootstock. A Hickory tree specialist can assist you in choosing the best type for you if you are unsure.

Always check with a professional to see if you need more than one tree to get good pollination. Some fruit trees, like peaches, cherries, and apricots, are self-fertile. Therefore, you will get fruit with just one tree.

Others, like pears and apples, require another tree nearby to get pollination. If space is limited just for one pear or apple tree, a tree, whereas more than one fruit type has been united onto one rootstock, is perfect.

How to Grow Fruit Trees

You can plant fruit trees in containers 1 foot in diameter and 1 foot deep. Dustbins come in the perfect size, appear very elegant, and are affordable. There are sturdier ones like terracotta pots and lightweight plastic or rubber planter. Create drainage holes in the base.

Also, you will need to anchor the tree to a support system. A fruit tree can easily get caught in the wind. Because fruit trees will live for several years, it’s best to plant them in a soil-based potting mix that discharges nutrients slowly. Put the trees in a sunny place to get an outstanding crop.

Nourish potted fruit trees every 14 days from blossom time to the middle of fall with liquid seaweed and give them plenty of water. It’s a good idea to mulch the surface of the soil to retain moisture. The average time to plant fruit trees is in the dormant season (late fall to early spring). However, you can get potted trees all year long.

The trimming necessary for upkeep depends on the sort of fruit tree you own. This is one reason you should purchase your tree from a tree service provider who will give you specific instructions.

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