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When you want to relax under a shade tree check out one of the Newton city parks. If you want your shade trees of your own, give us a call. Thank you for considering Hickory Tree Service! Our goal is to educate people about trees and who we are, and the tree care services we offer.

Our arborists have been working with trees for years. We offer a vast selection of tree services for homes and businesses. We don’t hang hammocks or build tree houses. However, we do work hard, and we are quite good at what we do.

Newton Tree Service

Our services are the core of beautification and tree safety in Newton. Check out our list of tree services and discover a new standard of workmanship and professionalism when you call to schedule your consultation. Our contractors welcome the chance to work with you.

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When it comes to the correct procedures and safety for accurate tree trimming, we’re here for you. We bring in our tree experts to every project to evaluate the needs of every tree we examine. Sometimes this results in dying, dead branches being removed from a tree. We also have instances that necessitate the need to prune or trim living branches that may be a hazard in a storm.

Tree safety is usually the last thing anyone thinks about until something horrible occurs. But knowing tree safety is more straightforward than you might think. We recommend continuous tree maintenance to get rid of dead tree limbs. Doing so will lessen the ability of invasive pests that can destroy a tree and stop the dangerous windsail effect.

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Proper tree trimming is vital as one of the usual locations for a tree to fail at the joint of two or more stems since these limbs are forced to divide the strength of a single branch.

Structural tree issues with the bark can naturally occur but also can come from improper tree trimming. For example, topping a tree can result in the tree’s death. The fingerling’s results can create a breeding ground for insects and diseases. Please let Hickory Tree Service provide you with a consultation to chat about the health and safety of your trees.