Seasonal Transition and Harsh Weather

North Carolina has four seasons. However, all natives know that those seasons are never predictable. Trees are always preparing internally for the changing seasons, and anything that occurs to disturb that cycle can create damage. This can mean unusual warm weather during the winter or an unpredicted freeze in late spring. Sounds about right? If you live in Hickory, of course it does! Not to mention, as we’ll detail below, severe cold in winter and extreme heat in summer can create just as much harm as rapid changes.

Damaging Storms and Winds

Seasonal change is hard on trees. But, storms that carry excessive moisture, lightning, and strong winds can bring injury as well. For instance, many folks understand that average wind speeds are critical in making trees sturdier. Without it, they can collapse under their weight. But while trees do need to be capable of swaying in the breeze, trouble can come when very high winds lift them by their roots.

This displaces soil and makes it difficult for the root system to get water. Also, high winds can cause limbs to crack and break. Lightning, though a less common issue, creates much more damage to trees when it strikes.

When lightning hits a tree, there are obvious physical signs in the trunk that make diagnosis quick. However, there are times the damage isn’t apparent until the tree doesn’t leaf out in the springtime. Your best bet is to get a tree care expert make a professional determination.


On the other side of the spectrum from stormy weather, drought is a weather extreme that can bring long term damage to trees.

Low water availability in the summertime can affect your trees in ways that can go unnoticed until next spring. Increasing watering during a drought is vital. This may sound like common sense, but often people don’t think about adding more water to their landscape when severe weather hits. Most Hickory tree service companies will work with you to ensure that your landscape survives the demand of changing weather.

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