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The tree specialists at Hickory Tree Service know when a dead/dying tree is a risk to you and your outdoor space. The factor for you and your property. We rid your outdoor space of hazards, and we have the know-how and expertise to take down high-risk trees before they affect your business or home. Our company and crew are totally insured for your safety and peace of mind.

Tree removal is a hazardous job that should be left to experienced tree removal professionals. Inexpert tree service businesses make mistakes that can cost you a fortune. At our NC tree removal business, you partner alongside our pros to protect your property, and neighboring properties as well, from any damages. Afterward, we’ll get your outdoor area in tip-top shape with our other tree services, like land clearing and stump removal.

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Our arborists adore trees, but they know that sometimes, they must be removed because of poor health or too big. We utilize the right tree removal equipment and techniques needed to perform the work. The dangerous and risky techniques required to bring down a tree necessitates experience to eliminate safety and liability issues. Regardless of the reason, the choice to remove a tree can be a tough one. When you need to free your yard of trees of any size or shape, choose our tree removal crew.

Whether you need hazardous trees removed or emergency tree removal service due to adverse weather, partner with Hickory Tree Service, our team has managed many tree removals throughout the Hickory, NC area. We have the equipment, tools, and team to see that the tree removal job is done with precision. Tree removal is a tactful process, and when it is done incorrectly, it can create severe consequences.

It is always best to leave tree removal to the professionals. As the top tree removal service in Hickory, NC, we take a custom approach to tree removal, promising to match your needs and budget. We know that tree removal in most landscapes present challenges. For instance, in most neighborhoods, trees are frequently surrounded by valuable plants and structures.

Tree Removal Experts

We love trees, but our tree care contractors know that, at times, they need to be removed because of such factors as poor health or incorrect size for space. We use the right tools and techniques required to do the tree removal. The dangerous and technical work it takes to bring down a tree requires plenty of expertise and skills. When you need to remove a tree, it can be not easy, especially if the tree has been on your property for a long time. For the tree removal service that you can afford, give us a call.

For the instance that something happens and you need a tree to be removed, our tree removal team performs the work and doing land clearing and stump removal. We listen to your needs from the start and keep those requests in mind throughout the job. We clarify ahead of time what we are going to do, and we address any concerns you might have. Fast, friendly responses and quick turn-rounds are part of the core Hickory Tree Service experience.