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The Best Tree Services in Rhodhiss, NC

Lake Rhodhiss is the place for a day of fishing, boating, and other fun things to do. Or, you can relax in the beautiful woodlands. If you want your trees to be beautiful, come to us.

Hickory Tree Service is the one name to trust in Rhodhiss for all tree care services. We do it all, including stump removal, tree removal, tree pruning, tree cabling, and much more.

Why Choose Rhodhiss Tree Service?

We also provide emergency tree care to anyone suffering from a true emergency. Customers who want mulch can rely on us to deliver it thanks to our stump grinding service. Contact us to learn more about our top-notch tree services.

From now on, one phone call is all you’ll ever have to make. Regardless if you have some overgrown trees that need to be pruned back to a safe and healthy state or an old stump to be ground down and gone, we have the top tools in the industry to guarantee your satisfaction.

Skilled and Experienced Rhodhiss Tree Contractors

Also, we have the experience and training that lets us aid you in picking the best choice for your tree situation. For example, in some instances, tree cabling & bracing may be a better, affordable choice instead of tree removal. Our tree specialists will come to your property and do a complete assessment to help you make the best decision for your trees.

Simply put, we’re the most respected tree care company in Rhodes, NC. Accurately maintained trees can increase your property value tremendously. We work with the earth to beautify your existing trees or bring in what you may need to improve their health.

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We know trees

Our tree contractors can help you with any tree species. We know that folks like to invest in the beautification of their landscapes. Many of our customers have come to making tree maintenance a priority when it comes to the general care of their homes. At Hickory Tree Service, we make the beauty and health of your trees just as much of a priority as you do.​