Granite Falls Tree Service

Why Granite Falls Tree Care Services?

Lakeside Park is filled with beautiful, tall trees. To get gorgeous, tall trees in your yard, call our professionals. At Hickory Tree Service, your trees will be taken care of by the best tree specialists around, giving you years of pleasure from your trees. We offer comprehensive tree care to keep your trees looking their best. Our experience and knowledge help us provide you with affordable tree service.

We offer residential as well as commercial tree services to organizations and businesses.

Granite Falls Tree Service

Our team prunes, allowing them to live longer, making a safer environment for clients and workers, not to mention enhancing the appearance of your property. We can also craft a health care plan for your trees. Proper nutrition and water improve your tree’s resistance to insects, drought, and disease.

24-Hour Emergency Tree Care in Granite Falls

Our tree service pros are ready to help in an emergency tree care situation. Adverse weather can cause branches or whole trees to fall, frequently landing on vehicles, houses, or your neighbor’s property.

We have the machinery available to handle leaning trees, fallen trees, or uprooted trees from homes and other structures while reducing further harm to your landscape. We are also here for you in response to storms and different emergency tree situations. We offer emergency tree removal, land clearing, emergency tree care, and tree cable bracing.

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Have an Emergency?

If your trees had the chance, would they move to your neighbor’s outdoor area? If so, why not call on our tree contractors to make your yard safe for trees. Getting proper tree care can stop you from being your tree’s worst enemy.

If you live in the Granite Falls area, we would be glad to give you a free estimate. You can either phone us to schedule an appointment or fill out our online form with all your information, and we will get back to you quickly. We are proud of our honest, reliable, and professional tree care services, resulting in a growing number of customer referrals and repeat customers. Since the beginning, excellent customer service and complete customer satisfaction have been our top priorities.