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As the top company for tree service in Hickory, NC, our goal at Hickory Tree Service is to deliver tree maintenance of extreme quality and service levels to you. By using three contractors who are professional and considerate, we go beyond your expectations. Our intention is for you to purchase more of our tree services in the future and tell others about the benefits of our NC tree care company.
Proper tree planting is an important part of developing and sustaining strong and gorgeous trees. Trees that are planted correctly require less corrective pruning as they grow. The accurate technique is mandatory when planting a tree because every step performed carries the ability to change the tree’s growth. In fact, improper tree planting techniques harm trees in many ways that can last the tree’s lifetime.

Nothing looks good when it is poorly managed, which is a great reason to get the best service for your trees. If not planted correctly, they can make your entire outdoor area look despicable. There are many other reasons as well. Besides making your home or business look better, your trees provide cool shade from the heat and sun. Moreover, trees mute noise and serve as a windbreak.


When you hire us, you will quickly see that we know the importance of proper tree planting and tree care, as well as possessing the know-how to manage your tree correctly. Our NC arborists love what they do, and it manifests in their artistry. With our company, you get our personal attention, and we promise you’ll be pleased with the quality of our tree maintenance, whether it is tree planting, tree cutting, or yard clearing. We work boundlessly to make cunning tree lines that improve the beauty of your residence or business.

Properly planted and sustained trees bring value to the property, which increases every year. The right tree care can help your trees in many ways, like lifting lower limbs and tree crowning for light and wind filtration. You might not know this, but animals, such as raccoons and squirrels, can cause harmful damage to the roof, gutters, and chimneys. Therefore, you should arrange semi-annual tree trimming to keep your roof animal-free.

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Routine maintenance for your planted trees can mean the difference between property damage and exquisite, well-kept grounds. We aim to offer outstanding tree planting and maintenance service that brings a smile to your face. If you want to plant a tree in your outdoor space and receive accurate tree service for it, come to Hickory Tree Service.

If you are an NC property owner, tree service is usually an afterthought, and it should not be. Good tree service highlights the total appeal of your residential or commercial outdoor area, reduces your energy costs, and provides valuable shade to everyone on your property. The key is having your trees maintained by a professional and skilled Hickory, NC tree service provider. If you are seeking affordable tree planting for your home or business, ask us!