A technique used to grow beautiful roses is from rose cuttings removed from the rose bush you want to have more. Bear in mind that some rose bushes could be protected under patent rights and can’t be propagated by anyone but the patent holder. Read on to find out more information about growing roses from rose cuttings.

Growing Roses from Cutting

The ideal time to take rose cuttings is in the fall (September). The rose cuttings should be removed from the stems of the rose bush that have just flowered and will be deadheaded.

The rose cutting should be around six inches in length, measuring down the stem from the bloom base. It is recommended to keep a can or jar of water nearby to put the fresh cuttings directly into the water after performing the cutting. Use clean, sharp pruners to do the cuttings.

The planting area for growing roses from cuttings must be one where the roses will get good exposure from the sun yet protected from the hot afternoon sun. The soil in the planting area must be well cultivated. It must be loose soil with adequate drainage.

To begin a rose bush from rose cuttings, after the cuttings have been done, take one of them and take off only the lower leaves. Cut a tiny slit on one or two sides of the bottom portion of the cutting, just enough to pierce the outer layer of the cutting. Put the lower part of the cutting into a rooting hormone powder. You can get rooting hormones from your local tree care business.

Next, press into the plant-soil (use a metal probe or pencil) to create a hole that is plenty deep to plant the cutting up to around 50% of the length. Put the cutting that was in the rooting hormone into this hole.

Put a jar over each cutting to create a sort of miniature greenhouse. The soil moisture for the cuttings mustn’t dry out at this rooting time. The jar will aid in holding humidity in.​

If you’re interested in learning more about roses, an interesting site to check out is The Old Farmer’s Almanac.

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