Anyone fortunate enough to have trees in their yard can’t help but become attached to them. If you see that a hooligan has cut into their bark, you’ll quickly want to find tree carving remedies. Healing a carved tree is a reality. Keep reading to learn about how to fix graffiti carvings in trees.

Repairing a Vandalized Tree

Tree bark is very susceptible to vandalism. You understand how even problematic landscaping attempts, like weed trimming and lawn mowing, can harm trees. Intentionally cutting into the tree’s bark can create even more harm.

If the tree was vandalized in fall or early spring, the bark is looser due to plant tissue growth. This results in bigger issues for the tree. You don’t have to worry. There are things you can do to repair a carved tree.

Vandalized tree care is time consuming. You won’t have a quick fix. The first thing to do is to evaluate the damage. Hire an arborist from Hickory Tree Service to assess your tree if needed. Did the criminal cut initials into the tree, or was a big piece of bark cut out? As long as no more than 25% of the bark around the tree wasn’t removed, survival is a real possibility.

Vandalized Tree Care
Healing a carved tree entails replacing parts of the bark. If the vandal slices out pieces of bark and you find them, you might be able to attach them back to the tree. To do this sort of tree maintenance, placed the pieces of bark back into the tree like pieces of a puzzle, finding the original location for each piece.

Carved tree restoration necessitates that you put these parts in place with burlap pieces of duct tape. Allow this to remain in place for at least 12 weeks. Repairing a vandalized tree with this technique works best if you work rapidly after the damage is done.

If the cuts are carved initials or other thing into the bark, you can be relieved that they won’t kill your tree if you act immediately. These sorts of cutting wounds mend better if they are cleaned working along the vertical grain of the bark.

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