If you have ever had to get a tree out of your outdoor space, you know that cutting down the tree and getting it gone is the easy part. As long as you have a knowledgeable Hickory arborist manage the job for you, eliminating a tree is pain-free.

However, you can get into a difficult spot dealing with the remaining stump. A stump in your yard poses a safety hazard, so you might want to get rid of it. You ask yourself “Do I need to remove my tree stump?” Here are a few reasons why the answer is YES!

A home for unwanted species

Having a tree on your property can be a treat for nature lovers, inviting insects, birds, and animals. However, when the tree is gone, the critters that tend to show up are anything but welcomed.

For instance, termites can decide to go from a stump to the wood of your home, providing you with a pricey headache as they destroy the foundation of your house. In addition to unwelcomed visitors, tree stumps can start to grow fungi which are poisonous and can be a threat to little children and pets.

Damage your property

Even after a tree is gone, the roots can continue to develop. Tree roots are very thirsty and will search everywhere for water. They can grow in pipes and make them rupture, cutting off the water to your home or flooding the interior and exterior of your property.

Developing roots can also make your walkways buckle and create numerous other issues around your residence. Too often, the issues created by tree roots are unseen until it’s too late. That’s why it’s best to get rid of the tree stump immediately.

A safety hazard

There is little use for a dead tree stump in your yard. What it will do is be a safety hazard to anyone who is in your outdoor space. If you have little ones that play in your yard, a stump can be a severe problem if they fall into it or trip over it.

Roots that are developing are also unseen risks, creating a threat of tripping for your visitors and children. For safety reasons, getting rid of your tree stump is the best choice.

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