How to choose a tree arborist is a task that you should not take lightly. Tree maintenance done wrongly is a danger to the tree itself and jeopardizes the person doing the work. An untrained person may not have the right insurance, leaving a liability burden to the customer that could run into a lot of money. Put a skilled tree specialist to work for you and your trees!

Hire a tree care service business that is licensed, insured, and bonded

Some states oblige registration by tree care companies. Though, registration is not a promise of quality. Some places also require arborists to be licensed to perform work within city limits. You should always speak with local agencies to see if permits or licenses are required.

Ask for credentials

Membership in professional organizations like the ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) signifies a dedication to quality by the arborist and a commitment to keeping current research related to tree care. ISA Certification denotes the person has passed ISA’s big examination on all aspects of tree maintenance and care.

Request references and check them

Pick a business or person with a proven track record of ethical, good work practices. Remember, you are hiring a professional for your trees. Your decision should be made the same as if you were choosing a doctor for your health.

Get estimates from more than one place.

Inspect the credentials of the business and the people who do the work, and the written specifications of the submitted bids. Decide which proposal has the best combination of the scope of work, skill, professionalism, and cost. Your investment in your trees is in the hands of the tree service company you pick. Ensure the firm or arborist you hire has a good reputation.

Stay away from arborists who suggest excessive pruning

Skilled arborists hardly recommend topping a tree or other extreme pruning methods that might hurt trees or make them dangerous. Trustworthy arborists usually advise different options to handle tree situations. Stay clear of any arborist or company that advertises view clearing, tree topping, or recommends such techniques.

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